Specialties & Services

At the Eastern Prosthetic Clinic we offer a full range of general prosthetic services for all ages, types of amputation and activity levels. In addition to general practice we specialize in treating persons suffering amputation following an accident or traumatic event. We offer in-house fabrication, individualized assessment using specialized diagnostic and training tools such as L.A.S.A.R. Posture scans and Wii, as well as maintaining digital patient records.

In addition to services related to general practice the following are unique services offered by the Eastern Prosthetic Clinic.

  • Acute rehabilitation following amputation surgery.
  • Advanced training and education (examples: gait training, vocational problem solving, and return-to-work strategies).
  • Goal setting and coaching.
  • Treatment with advanced technologies such as myoelectrics, microprocessors (example: knees) and robotics.
  • Urgent care of patients in crisis


  • Silicone clinic with on-site fabrication and specialized technician.
  • Pre-amputation consultation with patients, families and physicians/surgeons.
  • Negotiating on behalf of patients and/or prosthetists to secure financial resources for treatment.
  • Assistance to government and insurance agencies with funding and policy review.
  • Educational seminars for government and insurance agencies clarifying aspects of prosthetic care (debunking the mysteries).
  • Future cost of care evaluations and reports.
  • Expert prosthetic consultant for litigation.



Jacob’s Story

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