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Creating a Healthy Body Image

Everybody’s body is different and whether we like all the aspects of our bodies or not, we all have a specific image of our bodies. When a limb is amputated or absent from birth we can be left with feeling of being less than whole. Even with the provision of a generically appearing prosthesis patients can be left with a sense that they are not normal or disfigured.

Advancements in silicone technology now make it possible to replicate the human limb in its appearance so that the prosthetic limb can be covered with, or in the case of partial hands and feet, be made completely of silicone. Similarly there are methods for individualizing limbs so they can become part of a person’s body image.

Jacob’s Story

Jacob Leblanc Congenital Hemi- Pelvectomy In March of 2002, my husband and I went to a routine ultrasound...