Living With Amputation

First Steps to getting your life back”

– Initial Rehabilitation Process

We are privileged to collaborate primarily with both the Dr. George-L-Dumont Hospital and the Moncton Hospital.   We work closely with family physicians, surgeons, physiatrists and therapists to provide effective prosthetic rehabilitation programs for patients from all over Atlantic Canada.   While acute rehabilitation services are primarily provided at the two Moncton hospitals, rehabilitation is also provided in other locations in the province when necessary.

After patients have completed their acute rehabilitation process, Kirsten and the staff at the Eastern Prosthetic Clinic continue to provide close follow-up and goal-based advanced rehabilitation so that patients can succeed in attaining their goals.   The ultimate objective of all treatment at the Eastern Prosthetic Clinic, for the life of each patient, is to assist the patient in returning to their pre-incident lifestyle and optimize their quality of life.


Jacob’s Story

Jacob Leblanc Congenital Hemi- Pelvectomy In March of 2002, my husband and I went to a routine ultrasound...