Financial Resources

The role of funding in achieving appropriate prosthetic treatment is collaborative in nature.  The collaboration between prosthetist, patient and their funding source is key

Navigating the world of Funding

We will be your Advocate

One of the first questions patients ask is “how will I pay for my treatment”.  We are here to help.

You have rights as a prosthetic patient. At the EPC we are invested in protecting and promoting your rights.  Your rights include timely and appropriate prosthetic treatment and access to your health benefits, whether it is through private health insurance or government funding.

Navigating the world of funding for prosthetic treatment can be daunting. It is exhausting and defeating for the patient who needs to focus on recovery.  The staff at the Eastern Prosthetic Clinic assists our patients to access funding. Prosthetics is not well understood by insurance companies and other funding sources.  Often letters of appeal, justifications for recommended treatment and education regarding the life of the person living with amputation and their unique needs are necessary to ensure that the patient has access to funding.  Occasionally further intervention is required such as testifying at tribunals or during litigation on behalf of patients. This is not something that we are compelled to do, but rather volunteer our time and efforts on your behalf.

Prosthetic care creates wellness and is preventive health care.  Although one claim seems expensive, it is not compared to medication for chronic diseases or other policy benefits that are paid out in small amounts over long periods of time.  Typically prosthetic treatment is billed to insurance in lump sum amounts that represent treatment that can last for many years.