Our Goal

The mission of the Eastern Prosthetic Clinic is to provide comprehensive patient-centred prosthetic treatment to persons with limb loss or congenital absence.  We are committed to making sure that all patients have the right to appropriate and timely prosthetic treatment.

When necessary we collaborate with professionals from our patients’ local healthcare community to ensure that they have access to rehabilitation and medical services (examples: physiotherapy, dermatology, pain control). We establish partnerships with our patients’ funding agencies to ensure outcomes that optimize health and wellness.

Our clinic offers you the highest quality of prosthetic treatment available in a bilingual environment.  We provide each of our patients with the treatment, education and encouragement that they need to succeed in their recovery, meet their potential and sustain their abilities.

We offer a comfortable and homey environment where everyone is welcome and treated like family.  It is our philosophy to offer individualized treatment using the most advanced prosthetic technologies available in conjunction with goal-based care.

 “Reaching your potential…” Our holistic approach to prosthetic treatment includes sharing our personal experiences and our journeys of living with amputation.