Goal Setting

“Reaching your Potential through Goal Setting”

Advanced Rehabilitation Training
When a prosthetic patient must return to a physical job or has set a goal to explore new levels of physical activity, advanced training is often required. We work with our patients to identify goals that are specific, measurable, achievable and realistic.

Goal setting is particularly important in the area of advanced training.  Once goals are created then a treatment plan with training exercises are developed.  The patient is provided with follow-up during this time to provide motivation and to allow for adjustments to the plan.

If additional resources are required it is our aim to work with this patient to find the resources necessary to help them achieve their goals, be it accessing “work-hardening” programs, use of technology such as Wii, and more.

Optimizing Outcomes
Prosthetic treatment has many stages and is a life-long journey.  Many factors, such as aging, health issues, attitude and activities, to name a few, affect the success of prosthetic treatment.  The treatment objective is to learn to identify these factors through education and a trusting relationship between you and your prosthetist.  As a patient, you play an active role in the management of your care and the design of your prosthesis.  It is our mission to guide, teach and support you through the process.  If you take ownership of the process and work collaboratively with your prosthetist, you will succeed in optimizing your outcomes.